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Who is iStorage?

iStorage is the trusted global leader of award-winning, PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted data storage and cloud encryption devices. iStorage offers the most innovative range of products to securely encrypt, store and protect data to military standards; safeguarding valuable and sensitive data to ensure compliance with stringent regulations and directives such as GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, NRC, GLB and DHS Initiatives.

iStorage is creative in conceptualising and delivering ground-breaking products, consisting of USB flash drives, HDDs and SSDs in capacities of up to 16TB and after years of research, iStorage has developed a unique product in the cloudAshur, which is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to securely store, share and manage data in the cloud!

Highly recommended and used by government, military, multinational corporations as well as consumers in over 50 countries, with the mantra that encryption is an essential commodity required by all.

iStorage is the only vendor on the planet that offers PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted HDDs & SSDs that have been accredited to the above Government certifications.

iStorage is the only vendor to incorporate a Common Criteria EAL4+ Ready Secure Microprocessor in our PIN authenticated and hardware encrypted HDDs/SSDs,  datAshur PRO² USB flash drive and cloudAshur hardware security module.

We are recognised as a pioneer in developing innovative ultra-secure portable data storage devices: iStorage has been the proud recipient of the following prestigious industry awards

3-year warranty across the ENTIRE range with free lifetime technical support

Be aware and always stay vigilant when choosing an encrypted data storage device

– Hackers have attempted but failed to hack the iStorage microprocessors:

A hacking company in China, Golon International, has listed on their website numerous microprocessors which they claim to have hacked. As an example, the Microchip PIC18F26K22, which is used within some so-called secure portable data storage devices is listed as being hacked. Whereas the same company attempted to hack the iStorage secure microprocessor and failed.

We strongly recommend that customers ask manufacturers of secure portable data storage devices to disclose which microprocessor is incorporated within their products, and then visit the Golon website to see if such microprocessors are listed as being hacked.

If they are, then we strongly recommend that customers steer clear of any products that incorporate such vulnerable microprocessors.

iStorage continues to innovate, develop and lead the market:

Introducing the future of cloud data security: cloudAshur is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to securely store, share and manage data in the cloud!

To achieve data privacy, encryption of data is important, protection of the encryption key is vital. To be a truly secure solution, it is imperative that the encryption key is stored away from the data.

With the cloudAshur, the encrypted encryption key is stored within the device, meaning that you hold the key to your data, in the most secure way possible! Eliminating the security vulnerabilities that exist with cloud platforms, such as lack of control and unauthorised access. To learn more about the cloudAshur, click here.

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In summary, it can be said that iStorage has brought on the market the diskAshur², a well designed, flawlessly functioning and visually appealing niche product. The very secure encryption is second to none, high-quality design and the fact that the product is developed and built in Europe, justifies the price.”

diskAshur² | https://www.tech-review.de

Whereas the original was really secure, the new model is goddamn batshit crazy secure.”

diskAshur PRO² | Daniweb

While hardcore security is its primary selling point, the diskAshur² looks cool and can boast about high speeds as well. If data security is first and foremost in your mind, with local access and portability also must-haves, then the diskAshur² SSD encrypted portable SSD from iStorage is as good as it gets.”

diskAshur² SSD | https://www.forbes.com

Is it the most secure portable hard drive ever made? I will venture the Carlsberg response: probably.”

diskAshur PRO² | PC Pro Magazine

The diskAshur² encrypted portable SSD from iStorage is designed to be that missing link – high capacity, high speed, hardware encrypted storage in a rugged and tamper-resistant case – the diskAshur² SSD is about as secure as it gets, short of locking your data in a bank vault. This is James Bond level protection and with pretty zippy speed.”

diskAshur² SSD | https://geekdad.com

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