Frequently Asked Questions

General question/information

My iStorage device keeps randomly disconnecting on Windows 7/8/10. What can I do to stop that from happening?

The issue you are having is caused by power saving settings on your computer. Please see below and make the appropriate changes to your computer which will stop the iStorage device from randomly disconnecting and locking.



Please go to “Control Panel” > “Power Options” and stop the PC from going to sleep. Screenshot below:



In addition, go into Advanced Settings in Power Option to disable the following:

  • Turn off hard disk after: Never
  • USB selective suspend setting: Disabled

This will keep any iStorage hard drive connected to the computer continuously on.




Additionally, change the Power management option using the steps below:


  • Search device manager in windows start and open it
  • In device manager expand Universal Serial Bus controllers and right click on USB Mass Storage Device and select Properties.
  • Go to the Power Management tab. Make sure the box is unchecked for Allow the computer to turn off this device to save powerand click OK.




Windows Disconnect Patch


If the above steps do not help and your iStorage device is still disconnecting, that may be caused by a problem called USB Selective Suspend. This error first occurred with Windows 8 and rolled over with Windows 10 and server 2012 R2. This bug stops the Windows update service from fully installing the Vendor ID and Product ID for the iStorage product into the Windows registry. This is vital information for the registry to have and stops the devices from disconnecting after a set amount of time.


It can be downloaded directly from our website by following the link:



Please unzip the contents of this file, extract to your desktop and double click on “patch.bat” file to run it. Follow the instructions on the PDF document included in the archive.

My iStorage device keeps randomly disconnecting on Mac OS. What can I do to stop that from happening?

To resolve this issue please go to “System Preferences” >  “Energy Saver” and disable “Put hard disks to sleep when possible”. We also recommend to tick “Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off”.


Please see the screenshot below for guidance:


What operating systems do cloudAshur applications run on?

cloudAshur client app is compatible with Windows (7/8/10) and macOS (Sierra/High Sierra/Mojave/Catalina). macOS big Sur compatibility is currently under development.

iStorage cloudAshur Remote management console is compatible with Windows 7, 8 & 10.

iStorage cloudAshur KeyWriter application is compatible with Windows 7, 8 & 10.

The flash drive / Portable HDD is not accepting my PIN code

There are 2 reasons why the iStorage products would not accept the PIN code:
1. The PIN is incorrect, and it is not being accepted by the USB Flash and/or Hard drive;

2. The PIN is being entered too quickly.
The later one is a common problem. As the user grown more comfortable with our products, they enter the PIN at a fast pace. iStorage suggest entering the PIN slower to allow the products to register each key press.

Whitelisting iStorage products

iStorage products can be whitelisting on corporate network’s by using the VID/PID of the iStorage drive required.


Device Instance – All iStorage products have a unique device instance. This is shown as a 16-character number after the PID\VID information and is completely unique to each iStorage product. This means if there is Device Control setup on a network or host and an iStorage device needs adding to a `Allowed` device list (or `Whitelist`, `Good list`) then each individual iStorage product can be added and yet if an unknown iStorage product is used i.e. not a corporately issued iStorage product this will be blocked just like any other unauthorised device.


See the examples of device instances below you will see 2 iStorage datAshur’s that are attached to this computer and their unique ID appears under `USB Mass Storage Device` and they are both different.



iStorage Product VID PID
datAshur 4GB 0x2009 0x5004
datAshur 8GB 0x2009 0x5008
datAshur 16GB 0x2009 0x5016
datAshur 32GB 0x2009 0x5032
datAshur Personal2 8GB 0x2D9B 0x6108
datAshur Personal2 16GB 0x2D9B 0x6116
datAshur Personal2 32GB 0x2D9B 0x6132
datAshur Personal2 64GB 0x2D9B 0x6164
datAshur PRO 4GB 0x2009 0x7004
datAshur PRO 8GB 0x2009 0x7008
datAshur PRO 16GB 0x2009 0x7016
datAshur PRO 32GB 0x2009 0x7032
datAshur PRO 64GB 0x2009 0x7064
datAshur PRO 128GB 0x2009 0x7128
datAshur PRO2 4GB 0x2D9B 0x8004
datAshur PRO2 8GB 0x2D9B 0x8008
datAshur PRO2 16GB 0x2D9B 0x8016
datAshur PRO2 32GB 0x2D9B 0x8032
datAshur PRO2 64GB 0x2D9B 0x8064
datAshur PRO2 128GB 0x2D9B 0x8028
datAshur PRO2 256GB 0x2D9B 0x8056
datAshur PRO2 512GB 0x2D9B 0x8012
datAshur BT 16GB 0x2D9B 0x5116
datAshur BT 32GB 0x2D9B 0x5132
datAshur BT 64GB 0x2D9B 0x5164
datAshur BT 128GB 0x2D9B 0x5128
datAshur SD 0x2D9B 0x9500
cloudAshur 0x2D9B 0x9000
diskAshur2 0x2D9B 0x1000
diskAshur PRO2 0x2D9B 0x2000
diskAshur DT2 0x2D9B 0x3000
diskAshur M2 0x2D9B 0x5000