Aston University

The datAshur device has been evaluated by myself and has proved to be an excellent alternative to some of our current methods of encryption. It is very user friendly and therefore easy to use and this has been the main focus for our staff at the University. We currently have a number of projects at the University involving research data related to the NHS, and a requirement from the NHS contract is that the data is kept secure at all times (including whilst in transit).

Previously we were using another encryption solution which was not very user friendly and staff had to be trained on how to encrypt the data. After evaluating the iStorage Product, I recommended that we purchase and use the diskAshur DT instead (I believe you have received an order for one of those devices a few weeks ago).

I also aim to make this our standard recommendation for deployment of data whilst in transit and specifically when required to protect sensitive data. I am currently using the iStorage datAshur flash drive for demonstration purposes to various departments / project managers, when they are looking for an easy to use encryption solution for a project. I Have found it very useful to show staff members a ‘hands on’ approach as to its ease of use.