Tech Tips and Gadgets for the New School Year

Schools are a huge target for cyber-attacks. 6 in 10 higher education institutions state that they experience a negative outcome*, such as a loss of money or data from any breaches or attacks. Three quarters (75%) of higher education institutions say they were negatively impacted regardless of whether there was a material outcome or not.

Attacks can often cause an intense disruption & anxiety. In fact, 100% of all higher education institutions* sought information or guidance about cyber security from external sources in the last 12 months. Having the right training, tools, and care put into place should help alleviate any stress and aid in the prevention of such attacks. In this blog, we will recommend tools to help your school year start off the right way.

Keeping up with important rules and regulations to prevent cyber-attacks and ransomware attacks, especially with it on the rise – is essential. Failing to comply with data regulations such as GDPR could cause serious negative backlash resulting in fines, loss of trust, and a damaged reputation. Doing things such as keeping strong passwords and ensuring your computer has all essential updates is important. However, tools are the sturdy infrastructure that are built on top of these essential foundational rules.

We recommend our datAshur PRO, diskAshur2, and our diskAshur DT2.
Our datAshur PRO is a great, affordable, and extremely useful hardware encrypted flash drive. For everyday use, protecting projects, and data this drive can be there for you. It provides much more security to your data than the average flash drive. If you lose the drive, and it falls into the wrong hands it will be inaccessible without your unique PIN. This saves a lot of anxiety regarding the protection of important items in your day to day.
Our diskAshur2 is a top product of ours. Its capacity goes up to a huge 16TB and is great for on the go. Coming to and from school, moving around in the premises you have the peace of mind knowing that even if you misplace or lose the drive, it cannot be accessed by anyone.
Our diskAshur DT2 is another serious piece of tech. It has the highest capacity of all our drives at 22TB. These drives are perfect for stationary desktops, storing everything in one place. While these are not built for transport and mobility it is still a great drive to consider. Keeping it stationary doesn’t risk the data being compromised however, as it still has the same level of encryption and government level certificates as most of our other drives. It is also completely tamper proof, so you can rest easy knowing that the data will be going nowhere.

To avoid any anxiety surrounding cybersecurity in the new school year, speak to one of our company representatives today. We even offer free 30-day evaluations so you can try our products to see just how great they are.

As for students at university, we can help you too.
Having last minute stress and anxiety regarding your hand ins can be a horrible feeling. When you have anxiety regarding your work being lost or corrupted, the feeling is even worse. You shouldn’t have to deal with external issues that are out of your control by risking all of your hard work getting lost, stolen, or corrupted on cheap and unreliable memory sticks.
Your projects deserve protecting, and avoiding additional anxiety during your hand ins are what you deserve. In this blog, we will look at ways that can improve your cyber security awareness and skills, as well as recommend some great tools that you should add to your back-to-uni list.

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The world back up day blog is the best one to start with, as it gives great tips and information on how to ensure your work is taken care of and minimise risk of losing work even more.

Being students, we know that the budget will be slightly tighter so we would recommend our datAshur Personal2. It is a great step up from a regular flash drive, it has the same encryption levels and PIN protection as the rest of our product range and pricing starts at as little as £39**. This will help with your peace of mind, especially towards hand in when you know that what has gone wrong before won’t happen again!

If you are willing to invest a little bit more, we recommend our diskAshur2. This drive is great for both protection, capacity, and mobility. You can take this drive with you to the library, to your friends for a study session, or back home for the break and your data will always be safe. We recommend this in particular for students who have a creative project to look after. It can store large files at a time and go with you where you need. If it gets lost or tampered with then no one else will be able to access it.

For more tips and information on cyber security, have a look through our other blog posts!

** plus VAT