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Online thieves are getting more and more sophisticated these days and greater methods of protection are needed all the time. So, we’re back to hardware for security and, when you see what they are able to do with it now, you wonder why you kept everything online?!

The Diskashur has a variety of safety features built in to help prevent unauthorised access to your data. Firstly, the PIN to access anything at all on this drive is 7-15 digits long so can be as complicated as you need it to be. You also have the ability to introduce different PIN’s for different users and then restricting the information held on the drive to be ‘view-only’ so nothing can get tampered with even by people that need to see it. Having managed shared drives before, this function is essential to stop well-meaning colleagues making irreversible changes to your meticulous masterplan for world domina… errr, office guidelines and procedures!

The Diskashur comes in a variety of storage sizes from 120GB to 2TB and can withstand drop impacts of up to 4 metres height and can survive in up to 1 ½ metres depth of water for half an hour. The data is encrypted using FIPS PUB 197 validated, AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption and the components inside the drive are coated in a tough epoxy resin to prevent physical tampering. There’s also a polymer coating on the keys to ensure no obvious button pressing marks over time so little chance of giving that PIN away. You also have a ‘self-destruct’ option which wipes out the data on the device if a specific PIN is entered and if an admin or user PIN is entered incorrectly 10 times, your data will be irretrievable, giving you peace of mind that whatever data you have, is safe.
RRP £150.75 – £505.42 depending on the size of the storage.

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