“The datAshur Pro is a robust and secure device that is easy to use and priceless in protecting any sensitive data. The cap and seal provide water and dust resistance, real-time AES-XTS 256-bit encryption ensures data protection, and PIN prevents any unauthorized access. Very useful for organizations is also the ability to set up a user and administrator PIN, for example by setting only the user’s reading rights. Even if you forget the unlocked device that is plugged into a USB port, it is possible to set its automatic lock at a certain time. The performance of the device is solid and will record data at about 30 MB / s when it’s not very small files (we wrote from it 8.524 MB of data for 273 seconds, which is about 31.1 MB / s).

iStorage at datAshur Pro provides a three year limited warranty, and its price in Croatia is about 1,600 kuna. It may seem like a high amount, but given the opportunities it offers to protect essential data, the price is justified. It is also useful to know that in Europe this device can also be purchased at a cheaper price of 155 € (64GB).”


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