“This little USB storage key from iStorage packs a whopping 128GB punch, but that’s not the major selling point here. iStorage’s mission is primarily one of security and safe data transfer, and naturally, the Datashur Pro 2 is no exception. Like many of this auspicious company’s products, the Datashur Pro 2 places a massive emphasis on keeping your sensitive data safe and away from prying eyes…” “This is a seriously hard-wearing USB drive. During our tests, we tried to physically damage or tamper with it as much as possible to prove the anti-tampering measures work, and we were very pleasantly surprised. The epoxy resin this drive is coated with makes it virtually impossible to damage; despite several rigorous tests, we never managed to break into it. Signs of tampering are also very clear on the surface, so if someone’s damaged your drive, you’ll know it.”
“Make no mistake: this is a heavy-duty product intended for those who are serious about their security.”

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