Survey reveals 50% of security PROfessionals fail to secure data.

Survey reveals 50% of security professionals fail to secure data
iStorage research finds that half of respondents at Infosec 2014 do not encrypt data on portable devices despite being aware of the potential damage to organisations
Research conducted at Europe’s number one information security event Infosec 2014, has revealed that 50% of security professionals do not secure data on portable storage devices such as USBs and external hard drives. This finding comes despite 91% of respondents to the same survey expressing concerns about the potential damage that data loss could bring to their organisations. These statistics have been revealed following a survey of over 500 security professionals conducted by iStorage, a leading specialist in portable storage and digital encryption, over the course of the popular event in London.

Despite half of respondents admitting to not encrypting data, the survey revealed that 67% were aware that a maximum fine of £500,000 could be imposed on businesses and Government bodies for serious breaches of the Data Protection Act. Under this Act, a breach constitutes failing to keep data secure against unlawful or unauthorised processing, accidental loss or erasure. The other 33% of respondents were aware of fines but believed them to be far less, with the majority understanding the maximum fine to be £250,000.

According to recent national data survey, the third-biggest source of data breaches in the country is people losing USB keys, laptops, and external hard drives1. Further research states the average cost of a data security breach for companies in the UK ranges from £160,000 to £4.8 million.2 Along with the issue of financial costs that comes with data loss, reputational damage is also a big factor as it can have serious implications.

“In today’s fast-moving business environment and the era of big data, it is deeply concerning that 50% of security professionals do not encrypt data while on the move,” states John Michael, CEO and Founder of iStorage.

“Data loss can have a sizeable negative impact on business productivity, reputation and future revenue. To ensure critical business data remains confidential, it is imperative that businesses take the necessary precautions to guarantee data does not end up in the wrong hands.”

Protection on the move with hardware encrypted portable storage devices
iStorage provides a range of 256-bit military grade AES hardware encrypted USB flash drives and external hard drives that offer a range of digital and physical security measures to ensure confidential business data is always secure when on the move.

The datAshur USB flash drive has passed a stringent set of rigorous testing procedures and meets the highest standard set for encryption algorithms and data protection resulting in a Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 3 certification. The alphanumeric onboard keypad prevents hardware and software keylogging and allows up to a 15 digit PIN code. The high level of security guarantees data is protected against unlawful or unauthorised processing.

iStorage’s range of diskAshur external hard drives includes the recently-launched diskAshur PRO and diskAshur PRO SSD which protect business data from theft or accidental loss by encrypting in real-time. The devices also enable the user to program a unique Self Destruct PIN, which when implemented instantly destroys all PINs and data.

John Michael continues, “iStorage products are ideal for protecting confidential and business-critical data. These solutions are robust, easy to use, compatible with any operating system and offer the highest level of protection available for portable devices.”

For further information on iStorage’s range of data storage solutions please visit www.istorage-uk.com or call us on +44 (0)20 8991 6260.

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datAshur® from iStorage is a hardware encrypted USB flash drive offering a range of digital and physical security measures which are essential for securing confidential data.

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