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iStorage, a leading specialist of portable data storage devices and digital encryption, has launched a new range of devices offering unparalleled real time hardware encryption. The two new devices, the first in the range to be released, offer an unrivalled level of data protection and security using ‘two factor authentication’ that allows organisations, SMEs and home users to better protect and control access to their corporate and personal data.

As the numbers and gravity of incidences of data loss continue to rise, data security has become a cause of major concern to government departments and businesses of all sizes. With tightening legislation, organisations as well as individuals will be required to exercise greater precaution when it comes to managing and securing confidential data.

The latest range of devices from iStorage called DigiSAFE DiskCrypt Mobile and DigiSAFE DeskCrypt deliver a superior level of data security through real time hardware encryption and ‘two factor authentication’ enabling compliance with international standards and regulations such as the EU Data Protection Directive. Two factor authentication requires the use of a Smartcard (‘something you have’) and a PIN number (‘something you know’) before the hard drive is accessible, similar to using a credit or debit card.

DigiSAFE DiskCrypt Mobile
DigiSAFE DiskCrypt Mobile is a portable enclosure for external hard drives designed to encrypt data ‘on the fly’ as it is being written to the drive with no performance degradation. This is a simple to use solution for those that require access to confidential data when away from home or the office. Users will benefit from complete peace of mind that if lost, the data on the hard drive is fully protected at all times.

The two factor authentication involves the use of a smartcard that is inserted into the enclosure followed by a PIN number that is entered directly onto a keypad on its front before the data is accessible. This ensures protection from key-loggers as any codes are entered away from the computer’s keyboard. With both USB2.0 and Firewire connectivity, it is fully independent of the operating system and requires no additional software drivers or applications for installation.

DigiSAFE DeskCrypt (available September 2009) 
DigiSAFE DeskCrypt is a hardware-based encryption module that is uniquely designed to sit internally between the SATA connector on the motherboard and the hard drive of any PC desktop. It requires no mounting and operates by encrypting and securing every byte of data as it is written onto the hard drive without any loss in disk performance. It requires no additional software drivers or applications for installation and is fully independent of the operating system.

In single factor authentication mode, users are asked for a password each time the PC is powered up or resumes from hibernation. With two factor authentication the user is prompted to insert a KeyCrypt USB token as well as the password to access the data on the hard drive, ensuring that the data is only accessible by a verified and authorised individual.

Real Time Hardware Encryption 
Hardware based encryption performs its operation ‘on-the-fly’, encrypting and decrypting bytes and sectors of data as it is written or read from the hard drive. This delivers greater performance and speeds compared to software encryption, and as no software is installed, users need not worry about Trojans, viruses and software upgrades.

John Michael, Managing Director of iStorage commented, “Data loss means big trouble for business. With so many incidents hitting the headlines on an ever more frequent basis regarding loss of highly sensitive and confidential data, iStorage products fill a massive void that currently exists in the market. In the absence of stricter government legislation to better protect data saved on storage devices such as portable hard drives and USB sticks, our new devices represent an opportunity for companies to set the standard. Businesses can now demonstrate responsibility through best practice procedures to ensure confidential and sensitive data is safe at all times.”

Key benefits

  • The highest level of security with two factor authentication
  • Optimum performance with no degradation to disk speeds
  • Complete data protection with real time hardware encryption
  • Simple to install and use with no software or applications needed

Notes to Editor
DigiSAFE DiskCrypt Mobile is available now from www.istorage-uk.com.
DigiSAFE DeskCrypt will be available from September’09.
Technical specifications for each are available on request.

About iStorage

iStorage provides high performance and ultra secure portable data storage and security products to users who need to protect their data held on PCs, Macs and portable devices. The founders of iStorage are pioneers in their field and hold several patents, both granted and pending, on a range of related data storage and security products. With a strong belief in careful product selection and unrivalled customer service, iStorage continues to deliver market leading innovations in portable data storage and digital encryption technology. Further information can be found on www.istorage-uk.com or by contacting info@istorage-uk.com / +44 (0)20 8991 6260.

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