Pcutilities Review

March 2010

The advent of USB port on PCs has made portable disks a commonplace way to backing up and transporting data.

However, the very convenience of external USB drives makes them vulnerable to loss or theft and that means your data could fall into the wrong hands.

The diskG* offers a clever solution to this problem by having a drive that’s protected by a six-digit PIN code. Plug the drive into your PC and you’ll notice a red LED lights up on the front. You’ll also notice it fails to show up in Windows – the system will install drivers but you can’t see the disk in Windows Explorer. Enter the default code from the instruction leaflet, press padlock button and the LED turns green and suddenly the drive is visible. As soon as it’s disconnected it becomes locked again so you have to re-enter the code next time you use it. For extra security, data stored on the drive is encrypted so that even if someone breaks up the case and extracts the disk, your files remain unreadable. You can set up both admin and user PINs for different people. Only the admin PIN enables you to change or reset the codes. It’s imperative you change this when you receive the drive and keep it safe.

The drive is available in capacities from 250GB to 500GB and has a short built-in USB cable that clips to the side of the case for storage. Its power is delivered by USB too. It’s slim and will fit neatly in the palm of your hand or the pocket of a laptop bag and it has its own travel pouch to protect it from knocks. All in all it’s a very handy drive for those who prize their security and privacy.

Ian Barker
Supplier iStorage
Contact 020 8832 1256
Website www.istorage-uk.com

Verdict – You can buy the same amount of storage for less but if security is important, the diskG* is worth considering