Micromart 2015 Review

4th February 2015

Micro Mart

£40 might sound like a lot of money for a 4GB flash drive, but it’s no rip-off. There’s something this one does like no other, and that’s security. Flash drives are easy to lose track of, especially if you’re working out and about, but the encryption on this one is so strong that you could drop it in the middle of MI5 and not have to worry about anyone getting access to it.

A unique combination of 2156-bit encryption and hardware based access code ensuring that no-one but you can get at your drive’s contents. The unit’s military-grade hardware encryption is effectively unbreakable: without the hardware code, the data is utterly meaningless even if decrypted.

There’s no need for additional drivers or software, and it’s compatible with virtually any operating system – just plug it in, enter the key code, and your data becomes accessible as if on any normal USB key. Remove it from the USB port, and it locks instantly. You can even configure PIN codes with different rights levels, so “Users” are limited to read-only access, and full access is restricted to those with an admin-level code. It’s also water-resistant and constructed from shock-proof aluminium casing designed to shield the unit from the elements.

Expensive, yes, but more than worth it if security is your priority.

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