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Testimonials and Case studies

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Michael Ranaldo

Dephrisk Ltd, Chief Technical Officer

Commenting on datAshur USB flash drive “Well I can say as someone who deals with confidential data and has to be on the move, the ability to store said data safely both physically and electronically is a massive boon. It’s convenient enough that it doesn’t take an age to get it loaded onto a system. It is exactly like a USB – you can even rip it out a machine safely, and with no hassle as it encrypts itself automatically. I’m very happy with the device and the security it PROvides. Furthermore, the PROspect of using these devices to liveboot or as a data backup is tempting – we have worked with a few IT companies who keep system backups on site – knowing that these devices can be hidden away yet remain safe is always a boost to any disaster recovery plan.”

Mark Dennison

IT Services Manager, Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse

Commenting on datAshur Personal USB flash drive “We were recommended iStorage by our IT Suppliers Millgate. After a brief phone call they understood how and why we needed encrypted devices and recommended the Datashur personal devices. We received them next day and they were easy to configure. Staff found the instructions and operation nice and easy, and were happy to know that they now had more freedom of the type of data they can carry with them and felt assured that the data was safe even in the event of losing the drive. From a management point of view having admin override to the device is great and was the main reason we went with iStorage.”

Head of IT

Coop, UK

“Security have asked for more so they must be happy!…the end users are happy with the equipment PROvided and I have been discussing wider use with other areas of the business where web uploads are not possible.”

Simas Accounts

“These little things will change your life. We came across iStorage at the AccountEx event in May. We have had such a lot of positive feedback from clients over the last few months. They are amazing! A brilliant invention. The memory sticks give our clients the peace of mind we are compliant and being responsible with their data