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Media – Testimonials and case studies

Testimonials and Case studies

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“The 3Tb drives are ideal as part of our virtual server backups and are very very fast…”

The iStorage datAshur devices are perfect for a school environment. At Ruislip High we use them for backups and any other situation requiring maximum high visibility security. The 3Tb drives are ideal as part of our virtual server backups and are very very fast. The smaller 1TB drives are perfect for backing up our SIMS server and the wee 16Gb unit ideal for those times when data goes offsite and we want to be visibly secure. By: Miss G. Morris, Head Teacher of Whitby Heath Primary School

Kingston University

Mark D. Nicholls, Infrastructure Security Manager at Kingston University

Kingston University holds various sets of sensitive data and in line with various regulatory & policy requirements needed a secure method of storage for mobile workers. An evaluation of secure usb sticks was carried out by technical staff and the iStorage datAshur devices were the only devices to meet the University technical requirements. The devices are easy to use, inexpensive and very suitable in a mobile worker environment where data security is critical. By: Graham Hickman, Network Manager, Ruislip High School

Nick Coe

Fielding Primary School London, ICT Leader

“We are really happy with the drives and they were really easy to use and set up” I bought 30 IStorage 4gb USB drives for the staff in my school because I wanted to make sure that the data on it would be secure. We are really happy with the drives and they were really easy to use and set up. I would happily recommend them to other schools in need of secure USB drives.

Nic Mehew

North Ealing Primary School London, ICT co-ordinator

“This is a device used daily and I have every confidence in its effectiveness and level of PROtection” Since acquiring the iStoragedatAshur our school security has been immeasurably strengthened and enhanced. The level of security obtained, as required by law, is more than sufficient for our needs and allows our committment to the PROtection of pupils and data to be fully-applied. The ease with which the staff adapted to what can be an intimidating expectation is a testament to how user-friendly the datAshur is. We are now confident that our pupil data is secure and that we fulfil the requirements of all legislation. This is a device used daily and I have every confidence in its effectiveness and level of PROtection. The simple mantra of ‘key-pin-key-in’ is memorable for even the greatest techno-phobe.

Total Rehab solution

Wayne Bernstein. Managing Director

Total Rehab Solutions Ltd “The drive itself feels like it is of exceptional build quality, and subsequent data transfer was straightforward and fast” Our company stores a substantial amount of sensitive personal data, including medical records. I brought the ‘diskG Portable Encrypted Hard Drive with Secure PIN code access ’ to ensure not just secure data backup, but also to comply with ISO standards, (as we are pursuing certification for 27001). Because of my ineptitude with all things IT-related, I decided to call istorage to make sure I set the drive up correctly (even though it comes with clear and simple instructions)! To my amazement, the support line was answered after just 3 rings, and I was soon talking to a knowledgeable and friendly member of their tech-support team. He talked me through the setup PROcess to configure my own PIN, and that was it, job done in about 2 minutes. The drive itself feels like it is of exceptional build quality, and subsequent data transfer was straightforward and fast.

Security Forensics

The Security and Forensics ForumDavid Parsons, Security-Forensics.co.uk

“After using the drive for a little over a month it had passed every expectation we had for it. You can imagine the horror when one day I accidentally put it through the washing machine, now remembering that it claimed to be water PROof I was doubtful it would survive this, so imagine the shock I had when I then plugged it in and it worked straight away. These things truly do keep your data secure.”

Jason Scott

ICT Security Coordinator at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Following a near-miss in a neighbouring organisation, we reviewed our policy on encrypted external hard drives and realised there was a risk that devices could be configured without encryption or for encryption to be disabled, either intentionally or by human-error. The iStorage range offered the perfect solution, mitigating this risk and are now the preferred and mandated device of choice. Patient confidentiality is of upmost importance to us and the iStorage range is a crucial part of our security strategy.

Dave Franklin

Liabilities Management – PROject Support Group Manager, GE Healthcare

“What can I say, customer service at its very best! Thank you for having taken the time to resolve the issues so PROmptly. An excellent Product with excellent after sales. Rest assured I shall share this info with my colleagues and friends!”

Zed “Zed”

Amazon Customer Review

“Very pleased with my iStorage 1TB 256 AES diskAshur” This is the second device that I have bought. I use them so that I can securely backup files and store them away from home. I’ve found the devices quite straight forward to use and they worked straight out of the box. In my case this was Vista Business and Windows 7 Ultimate. The touch pad is easy to use and each button makes a single positive click, so no mis-entering of passwords. There are quite a few features that make this device very positive in my eyes. These include: cannot be brute forced as they will destroy the encryption key and be irrecoverable after a number of failed attempts use industry standard AES 256 encryption take passwords up to 16 digits long fast transfer rates (USB3.0) 3 year warranty twice for different PROblems I have needed to contact iStorage, and on each occasion they could not have been more helpful/supportive and fast


HP Business Now Review

Keep your business future PROof with all you need to know about tech – 5 smart gadgets for business travelBusiness travellers need to be able to back-up important data quickly (an electronic contract from a new customer, for instance), transport it easily, and most importantly know that itís secure. Flash drives are notoriously easy to lose, but data on the iStoragedatAshur Personal is secure, as it can only be accessed by entering a personal PIN code using the on-board keyboard, before connecting to a USB port. Whatís more, all data transferred to the device is hardware encrypted to military standard. Keep your data safe with the PIN PROtected iStorage datAshur Personal