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iStorage helps Kettering Borough Council meet GDPR regulations

Kettering Borough Council turned to iStorage to find an ideal solution which would enable the council to effectively store their constituents’ personal data securely, enabling them to fulfil their promise to protect the needs of their constituents as well as meeting vital GDPR regulation laws. After considering two possible vendors for the purchase of encrypted flash-drives, Kettering Borough Council concluded that iStorage would be the vendor of choice. When prompted on how the council came to this conclusion, IT Analyst Phil stated: “When considering which option would be best for our needs, we found that iStorage seemed to have the best product in the market for what we wanted to achieve.”

Kettering Borough Council therefore chose iStorage and have purchased datAshur flash drives to issue out to their team. They are currently pleased with their results, stating: “The drives have been easy for the team to learn and use and have met expectations on being a secure solution.”

Loving my super elusive datAshur PRO2 encrypted USB flash drive!

My encrypted USB flash drive makes me feel like a spy - and that to me is priceless!

Safe USB storage on the move

Cracking little encrypted USB. Keeps your data safe and looks pretty good. - datAshur PRO2

High quality and easy to use!

Fantastic secure memory stick! Easy to use everyday, seems & feels high quality, no drivers needed! Works with all systems.

Great product!

The datAshur PRO2 is a great product for people looking for secured key! It does not have all the cumbersome of other products I have used. Quite straight-forward in setting up and using. Highly recommended.

Hardcore security and worth every penny!

I bought my datAshur PRO2 after reading some reviews and i'm blown away by the security and the ease of use, yes its pricey, but if data needs protecting its worth every penny.


My job requires the use of encrypted keys for data and the datAshur PRO passed all benchmarks set.

Great product

I've bought three of these for various purposes, and they're fantastic.

Peace of Mind

Great for storing documents and family photos as a back up and transport of larger files. Really don't like the idea of any of my documents or family photo's getting into other people's hands should I lose the storage USB. This gives me confidence that anybody other than an out and out criminal would not access the data. Online forums state that the data is not impregnable to the informed and determined thief, but its sufficient for me. Well made and should last a very long time.

First Class

What else can I say? Does the job and does it well. Works with my Macs at home and Windows machines at work. Once you unlock it, it works like a regular USB Stick. Much more seamless than other encrypted flash drive options that you have to run software from on virtual discs within the stick.