Ginger and Nuts radio show

“The iStorage diskAshur² is the most secure external SSD with Mission Impossible style encryption, complete with Self Destruct option. We give this amazing SSD the highest 10/10 rating…”
“Protected by a tamper-proof external case encased in epoxy resin, this unique SDD is like a soldier at war constantly monitoring for a physical attack. Any attempts to tamper with the iStorage diskAshur will cause it to be automatically erased. No questions asked.”
“The iStorage are geniuses because they have even made sure the iStorage diskAshur² works on any device with a USB port.”
“In conclusion, the iStorage diskAshur2 is the most secure external SDD on the market with more security measures than the White House. Dust, water, and Tamper Resistant with a Mission Impossible self-destruct option”

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