Latest survey at Infosec 2012 highlights rising trend in data loss among IT PROs.

Over one-third of IT professionals admit losing portable devices that hold corporate & personal data up from less than one-quarter in 2010 according to new survey

Over one-third (34%) of IT professionals surveyed in a new poll during Infosecurity Europe 2012 have admitted losing portable storage devices containing personal or corporate information. This result highlights a rising trend in the percentage of IT professionals putting portable data at risk, compared with similar surveys conducted by iStorage over the past two years. Approximately 23% and 29% of respondents admitted to losing portable storage devices in 2010 and 2011 respectively.
iStorage, a leading specialist in portable storage and digital encryption, conducted the 2012 survey with 188 attendees during the April event in London. Data captured by the survey revealed less than half (46%) of respondents encrypted data stored on portable devices, putting corporate and personal information at risk. The survey also revealed for the second consecutive year, 98% of Infosecurity Europe 2012 respondents believed data loss to be a ‘serious and/or growing’ problem for corporations.
Key statistics:

  • 34% of respondents admitted losing portable storage devices containing corporate or personal data, up from 23% and 29% in 2010 and 2011 respectively
  • 46% of respondents said they do not encrypt data stored on portable storage devices
  • 98% of respondents believed data loss to be a “serious and/or growing” problem
  • 96% of respondents felt encrypted storage devices are more preferable to unencrypted storage devices in daily use

John Michael, Managing Director at iStorage, said, “Once again it is alarming and disappointing to see an annual increase in the percentage of IT professionals – those who should be beyond reproach on the subject of data security – failing to protect corporate information on portable storage devices. Comparing these 2012 statistics with data gathered by iStorage at previous Infosecurity Europe events show many continue to struggle reconciling broad security issues with corporate data protection procedures.”
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Notes to the editor:
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The new diskAshur® from iStorage, a 2.5″ portable USB 3.0 hard drive with military grade hardware encryption and an alphanumeric PIN code access.

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