datAshur SD

How do I use the datAshur SD for the first time?

The datAshur SD is supplied in the ‘Initial Shipment State’ with no pre-set Admin PIN. An 8-64-digit Admin PIN must be configured before the drive can be used. Once an Admin PIN has been successfully configured, it is not possible to then switch the drive back to the ‘Initial Shipment State’.

To configure an Admin PIN and unlock the datAshur SD for the first time, please follow the steps below:
1. Press and hold down the “SHIFT” button for one second
2. Press and hold down both “KEY” + “1” buttons
3. Enter the new Admin PIN and press the “KEY” button once
4. Re-enter the new Admin PIN and press the “KEY” button again. The blue LED light will rapidly blink, then switch to a solid blue, and finally to a blinking green LED light indicating the Admin PIN has been successfully configured, and the drive is unlocked.

How do I change the Admin PIN?

To change the Admin PIN, first, enter the “Admin Mode”. Proceed with the following steps:
1. Press and hold down the “SHIFT” button for one second
2. In Standby State (solid red LED light) press the “KEY” button once
3. With the green and blue LEDs blinking together, enter the Admin PIN and press the “KEY” button again
4. Press the “KEY” button three times within 2 seconds (KEY x 3). The blinking green LED will change to a solid blue LED, indicating the device is in Admin mode.
Once the drive is in Admin Mode (solid blue LED light) proceed with the following steps:
5. In Admin mode press and hold down both the “KEY” + “2” buttons
6. Enter the new Admin PIN and press the “KEY” button
7. Re-enter the new Admin PIN and press the “KEY” button. The blinking green and solid blue LEDs change to a rapidly blinking blue LED and finally to a solid blue LED, indicating the Admin PIN has been successfully changed.

How do I unlock the datAshur SD if the battery is dead?

Your datAshur SD has a built-in rechargeable battery. Even if the battery is fully discharged you can continue to use the drive by following the instructions below:
1. Connect the datAshur SD to any powered USB port
2. While connected, enter the User (SHIFT + KEY) or Admin PIN (KEY) to unlock the drive
3. While connected to the USB port, the internal battery will automatically charge – this is shown by a flashing blue LED light
4. We recommend you keep the datAshur SD connected for approximately 1 hour to fully charge the battery.
The internal battery used in the drive is used as a convenience to enter a PIN before you connect the drive. Therefore, if the battery is not recharging, you should be able to enter a PIN and unlock the drive whilst it’s connected to a USB port (although admin functions will not be available).

What is the difference between the user and admin mode?

We recommend those who purchased the drive for personal use have just one PIN, whereas, for those using the datAshur SD in a corporate environment, we strongly suggest creating an Admin PIN and User PIN.
Admin mode allows you to:
· Recover data from the drive and configure a new User PIN in the event an employee has forgotten their PIN
· Retrieve data from the drive if an employee leaves the company
· Set policies such as ‘Read-Only’
· The Admin PIN can be used to override all user settings.

What is the IP rating on the datAshur SD?

The datAshur SD is IP68 certified which means it will survive being submerged under 1.5 m of water for 30 minutes and deemed fit enough to withstand dust, dirt, and sand.

What if I forget my PIN?

If you forget the User PIN, you can use the Admin PIN (if set up) to unlock the drive and set a new User PIN. However, if you forget both the User and Admin PIN, there is no way of gaining access to the data stored on the drive. As part of the drive’s designed security, there are no back doors into the drive. You will need to reset your datAshur SD to use it again. The reset process creates a new encryption key, deletes User and Admin PINs, and deletes all data.

How do I reset the datAshur SD?

The reset feature is useful in case the User and Admin PINs are forgotten, or if you would like to delete all data stored on the drive and configure a new User PIN. The reset process will clear all cryptographic parameters including both User and Admin PINs.

After a complete reset, a new Admin PIN must be configured and the datAshur SD will also need to be formatted before any new data can be added to the drive.

Please follow this procedure to reset your drive:
1. In standby state (solid red LED light), press and hold down the “0” button. The solid red LED light will change to all three red, green, and blue LEDs blinking alternately on and off
2. Press and hold down both “2” + “7” buttons. The red, green, and blue alternating LEDs will become solid for a second and then change to a solid red LED indicating the drive has been reset.
After the datAshur SD has been reset, the drive will be in a standby state (solid red LED).
To configure an Admin PIN, proceed with the following steps:
3. In Standby state (solid red LED), press and hold down both “SHIFT” + “1” buttons
4. Enter the new Admin PIN and press the KEY button
5. Re-enter the new Admin PIN and press the “KEY” button. The blinking green LED and solid blue LED change to a blue LED rapidly blinking for a few seconds and then to a solid blue LED, indicating the Admin PIN was successfully configured.

What is the datAshur SD’s operating temperature?

The operating temperature range for datAshur SD is 0-40 °C, which has been tested and recommended for practical use.

Can I use third-party microSD cards in the datAshur SD?

No. The datAshur SD is compatible with iStorage microSD Cards only. The current supported iStorage microSD Cards capacities are 32, 64, 128, 256, 512GB and 1TB. iStorage can supply microSD Cards in capacities of 2GB, 4GB & 8GB for volume orders, email info@istorage-uk.com to enquire.

I tried to unlock my datAshur SD with the correct PIN, all the LEDs flash twice at the same time and the device stays locked. Why is this?

Do not try to enter the PIN again, as you may reset the device by mistake. The microSD card you inserted is not an official iStorage microSD card. If you feel you have bought this from a reputable seller and it still does not work, please contact iStorage immediately, although we can’t guarantee you will get a replacement, we will work hard to stop this from happening again.

The datAshur SD says it's unlocked, but doesn’t show on my computer?

Make sure you have an official iStorage microSD card inside the datAshur SD. If you’re still having this issue, the datAshur SD may need to be formatted to work on your OS. At this time, NTFS will only show on Windows, but not macOS or Linux. So, make sure to back up any data before formatting and make sure you choose the correct partition type for your PC’s OS.

What is KeyWriter Software, and how does it work with datAshur SD?

The iStorage patented* KeyWriter application enables the required number of datAshur SD modules to be cloned with the same encrypted encryption key, allowing real-time, ultra-secure collaboration with authorized users regardless of location.

What kind/class of microSD card is the iStorage microSD card?

The physical iStorage microSD card is rated at speed-class ‘10’ with UHS speed class ‘3’ and Video Speed Class v30. Please note, if you’re copying data directly to the microSD card, unencrypted, this will be the speed you’ll get, but if the microSD card is plugged directly into the datAshur SD, your speed may be affected, but the average is 100 MB/s Read and 95 MB/s Write speed.

Can I use my iStorage microSD card with other devices?

Please note: iStorage microSD Cards should only be used with iStorage datAshur SD flash drives. If used with another device, the iStorage microSD Card may no longer work with your datAshur SD.

Is my data still safe/encrypted once I eject my iStorage microSD card from the iStorage datAshur SD?

Yes, as long as you follow the User Guide and take as many precautions as possible, your encrypted data on your microSD Card will be safe from any attacks when locked and disconnected from the datAshur SD.

Is iStorage datAshur SD compatible with my USB ports?

The iStorage datAshur SD is manufactured with a USB Type-C port for speed and security. Although, if you only have Type-A ports on your PC/Laptop, we always include a Type-C to Type-A converter with your product. Please note, when using a converter, this may affect read/write speeds on your SD.