Can I use multiple devices with the same email address/username?

You can use multiple devices whether you are a personal user or an enterprise user. To do this simply open the cloudAshur client application, click on ‘registration’ and ‘existing user.’

How do I encrypt files with the cloudAshur?

You can encrypt the files by either copying & pasting or dragging & dropping files in to the desired folder mounted in the virtual cloudAshur (M:) folder or to the mounted real folder.

Will cloudAshur encrypt the file names too?

Yes, there is an option to encrypt file names by logging into Remote Management Console and simply toggling “File name encryption” to ON in the settings menu.

How can I delete my account if I decide to stop using cloudAshur?

Please contact iStorage via support@istorage-uk.com for account deletion.

My antivirus is blocking me from installing the cloudAshur/my antivirus is blocking me from opening cloudAshur. What do I do?

We make every attempt to ensure that antivirus doesn’t stop cloudAshur from functioning correctly, but If you experience any problems with cloudAshur application and your antivirus, please contact support@istorage-uk.com

I have not received an email from iStorage after I activated my license, what should I do?

Please check your junk and spam mail, failing that if you still haven’t received an email, please contact support@istorage-uk.com.

Up to how many devices can I manage in the cloudAshur Remote Management Console?

You can manage as many devices as your license allows. You can check the license capacity in the cloudAshur Remote Management Console dashboard or within the license section.

Does the cloudAshur module come with software preinstalled?

No, the cloudAshur module does not contain flash memory and no data can be stored directly on the device. You can however download the cloudAshur applications from https://istorage-uk.com/software-and-updates/ .

How do I update the cloudAshur application?

We send out push update notifications for all our applications, and they will automatically prompt you to update when an update becomes available.

Why is my location not accurate in the cloudAshur Remote Management Console?

We use IP geolocation and sometimes it’s not as accurate as GPS. This cloud also be due to use of VPN, proxies, relays, private networks and unvalidated IP registry data.

How do I renew my cloudAshur Remote Management Console licenses?

You can renew your Remote Management Console license three months prior to the expiry of the license. You renew it by clicking on renew button under license section.

What are minimum system requirements to cloudAshur?

The minimum system requirement for cloudAshur applications are as follows:

CPU: i3 530 or higher processor

RAM: DDR2 2GB or higher RAM

HD space: 300MB or higher