Download your cloud account desktop apps

In order to connect the iStorage virtual folder to your preferred cloud account, you will need to download the relevant cloud desktop app (i.e. Dropbox app, OneDrive app, etc) and install it to your local computer. To assist you in locating the relevant cloud desktop app, we have collated a list of the app download links for all providers.

iCloud for Windows: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204283

iCloud for Mac: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT208682


Dropbox for Windows: https://www.dropbox.com/en_GB/install

Dropbox for Mac: https://www.dropbox.com/en_GB/install


OneDrive for Windows: https://onedrive.live.com/about/en-GB/download/

OneDrive for Mac: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/skydrive/id477537958?ls=1


AWS for Windows: https://clients.amazonworkspaces.com/

AWS for Mac: https://clients.amazonworkspaces.com/


Microsoft Azure for Windows: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/services/virtual-desktop/

Microsoft Azure for Mac: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/services/virtual-desktop/


Google Cloud for Windows: https://www.google.co.uk/drive/download/

Google Cloud for Mac: https://apps.apple.com/app/google-drive/id507874739


IBM Cloud for Windows: https://www.ibm.com/cloud/get-started

IBM Cloud for Mac: https://www.ibm.com/cloud/get-started


Oracle Cloud for Windows: https://www.oracle.com/downloads/cloud/oracle-cloud-downloads.html

Oracle Cloud for Mac: https://www.oracle.com/downloads/cloud/oracle-cloud-downloads.html


VMware for Windows: https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/downloads

VMware for Mac: https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/downloads


Box for Windows: https://www.box.com/en-gb/resources/downloads

Box for Mac: https://www.box.com/en-gb/resources/downloads


Tresorit for Windows: https://tresorit.com/download/windows

Tresorit for Mac: https://tresorit.com/download/mac


Yandex for Windows: https://disk.yandex.com/download#pc

Yandex for Mac: https://disk.yandex.com/download#pc


Sync.com for Windows: https://www.sync.com/install/

Sync.com for Mac: https://www.sync.com/install/

After you ‘Sign in’ to your cloudAshur account, your cloudAshur virtual drive will open. To add your cloud or local folders to your cloudAshur virtual drive click the cloudAshur icon   in your Windows System Tray (bottom right corner of your screen) or cloudAshur icon in your macOS Menu Bar.

Open the preferences and then click on the ‘+’ symbol to browse and select any preferred cloud or local folders that you intend to use to store encrypted data.