Superb and secure hard drive

It’s not often one waxes lyrical about something as mundane as a portable drive but this unit is rather special. Firstly, the build quality seems very high – it can take a drop onto a hard surface of a couple of metres (I found this out the hard way!); the rubberized body makes secure handling easy; and the keypad is positive in use and nicely recessed. And of course, you can now buy these drives in Solid State so they should be even more robust in the event of being dropped. The drive comes with a double USB (Y-split) cable in case using a netbook or similar device, not enough power is available from a single USB port but I’ve never needed to use the second connector with a PC, laptop or netbook. Encryption is a breeze – you’re not even aware of it happening. My drive connects via USB2 and transfer speeds are more than adequate – I opted for the higher (256bit) level of encryption so I can’t comment on whether the 128bit version delivers a higher transfer rate. Setting up your pass-key takes less than 2 minutes (less than 1 minute unless you’re a fumbler like me) and then you are ready to encrypt your files and folders. Of course, whatever you do, never forget your pass-key as recovery of data is not possible – your data are even secure against Brute Force Attack. For anyone working in sensitive areas who needs to transport digital documents, these British-designed and manufactured drives are a must. If those chaps from MI5, MI6, the MOD or the National Health Service leave their sensitive files on yet another train, PROvided they’re written onto one of these drives and 256bit encrypted, I for one will sleep well in my bed. Superb design, top build quality, excellent on-the-fly encryption – and now available in SSD format and larger volumes, it’s a winner!