Dong Knows Tech

“There are secure portable drives with hardware encryption options, like the Samsung T5 or the WD My Password, and then there’s the iStorage diskAshur PRO2. This digital storage device is so secure that Donald J. Trump would probably pick it to store his tax returns when he could grasp the significance of “digital.”

“…the diskAshur PRO2 is really an ultra-secure storage device. It’s a tamper-proof vault, complete with a numeric keypad, that has an ample storage space on the inside. Yet, it manages to remain almost as compact as a regular portable drive.”
“if you want to make absolutely sure that the information you carry along safe from the prying eyes, look no further than the diskAshur PRO2.”
“The diskAshur PRO2 is very fast for a hard drive-based portable storage device, topping the chart on writing performance at almost 130 megabytes per second. In reading tests, it was a tad slower at 127MB/s. In all this drive is the fastest among hard drive-based portable drives I’ve tested.”


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