datAshur Pro Customisation




Laser etch your logo (design) and/or message on the extruded aluminium sleeve. An ‘If found please call (telephone number)’ can also be etched on the side of the drive itself. This service is great for corporate branding and lost & found information.

No minimum order quantity required.
The diagram shows the available space for your desired graphics. The RED area is on the back and side of the extruded aluminium sleeve. Graphics need to be provided in either Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) or Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg) format.

We are also able to customise the side of the product itself, as per the diagram, the BLUE area; please provide your personalisation to a maximum of 26 characters.

Please be sure to include any font file and provide the file as either Adobe Illustrator (.ai) Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) or Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg).

Make sure that you convert to outline for all text.

Once that is done, please ensure that you compress the files into the .zip or .rar file, otherwise you would not be able to upload the file.


Preloaded resources

iStorage can preload documents or software on to the drive before deployment. Preloaded resources can include items such as applications, presentations, corporate documentation, web links, portable applications, videos etc.

Product Identification

The entire datAshur® family incorporates unique PIDs.

This option is useful for “White-Listing” using Endpoint Software, so that only authorised devices can be used on the corporate network.


The datAshur, datAshur Pro, datAshur Personal and datAshur SSD can be completely rebranded so that it reflects your company’s individual look – minimum order quantities (MOQ) apply.

Please contact us for more information.

Pre-programmable PINs

The entire datAshur® family range can be pre-programmed with your unique Administrator and/or User PINs that conform with your corporate password policies. This saves time during the deployment process.