cloudAshur for Government Corporations

cloudAshur for Government Corporations


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Government corporations probably hold the world’s vastest collection of sensitive information on just about anything, ranging from border control to voter registration. To ensure national security, governments compile highly confidential data such as fingerprints, DNA, drivers licenses and social security numbers, into databases.

For example, the UK collects data on road vehicle movement tracking, as well as telephone and internet surveillance (the US equivalent NSA database contains over 1.9 trillion call detail records). Highly classified information is stored in the United States’ Investigative Data Warehouse used by the FBI and Case Management and Electronic Case Files used most by the United States Federal Courts.

Therefore, it is not surprising that according to Gartner, hesitation by government organisations to migrate to the cloud is due to major concerns in security and privacy.  Government corporations do not need to miss out on the benefits in the public cloud can offer, including increased agility and cost savings.

With cloudAshur, you no longer need to worry about whether your data in the cloud is being viewed, stolen or shared without your knowledge – you have full control over your data in the cloud.

“Data privacy must be a top priority for all organisations


The cloudAshur allows you to:

ENCRYPT to ensure the ultimate protection of your data stored in the cloud or on your local network drive, local PC/MAC or any data storage device

SHARE your encrypted data securely with authorised users in the cloud, on your local network drive, via email and with file transfer services in real-time

MANAGE and monitor your cloudAshur devices centrally



The cloudAshur hardware encryption module encrypts all data in transit and at rest with a FIPS certified randomly generated AES 256-bit encrypted encryption key, which is stored and protected within a dedicated iStorage secure microprocessor (Common Criteria EAL4+ ready). The cloudAshur grants the user full and secure control of the encryption key, thus protecting the data even if the cloud account is hacked.


The iStorage patented KeyWriter application enables the required number of cloudAshur modules to be cloned with the same encryption key allowing real-time, ultra-secure collaboration with authorised users regardless of location.


cloudAshur Remote Management Console provides the administrator full visibility and control of all cloudAshur modules deployed within your organisation. Administrator capabilities include temporarily disabling or resetting cloudAshur encryption modules, restricting file types, viewing user’s log files, displaying user’s location, as well as geo-fencing and time-fencing capabilities.

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Regardless of where your data is stored, iStorage has a solution

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flash drive – up to 512GB

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portable HDD/SSD – up to 8TB

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PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted
cloud encryption module

The perfect solution to encrypt, share and manage data in the cloud and/or your network drive in the most secure way possible.

Trusted by Government Corporations

Protected by a unique secure microprocessor

Certified to the highest Government standards