Encryption: An introductory guide on why it matters


An introduction to encryption Encryption is often a subject that we see thrown around within the media, but for a lot of us it still may not be a term that we fully understand. Whilst it can be a complicated issue, with the right information and tools we can all implement a basic level of [...] Read more

GDPR Three Years On: What is next for the regulation


GDPR Three Years On: How can the European Commission support SMEs to reach an impeccable level of data protection compliance? Who doesn’t remember the implementation of GDPR? It’s hard to believe that it was just three years since GDPR was introduced in the EU. Today, we’re taking a look back to understand just how GDPR [...] Read more

Backdoor Access: Could cybercriminals be secretly accessing your data?


Could cybercriminals be secretly gate crashing your data? No one is keen to host an unwanted guest, but what if you are unaware that they are even there? Trusted global leader in encrypted hardware data storage solutions – iStorage Limited, dissect the idea of backdoor access and how this could affect your personal data. Imagine [...] Read more

Mitigating cyber risks around cryptocurrency


Hackers stole 523 million NEM (valued to £385 Million) from the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange – Coinbase in 2018. NEM Foundation president Lon Wong described it as “the biggest single theft in the history of the world.”

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