Back to School Essentials

It’s August, that means it’s another month of summer rest and relaxation. But for parents, it also means back to school is just around the corner, and with that, back to school prep. With our world evermore online, especially since the pandemic, protecting personal data has never been so important. To help with the panic that goes alongside back to school – we have put this blog together to highlight where you can boost your cyber-security and look after important data. Having the right knowledge can work as tools against a stressful but exciting few months to come.

Our most important rule for protecting yourself is backing up. Putting off things as simple as updating passwords, shutting off your computer for updates, and creating copies are often pushed aside and seen as something we can get around to eventually. In reality, taking the time to complete these steps will help you in the long run. Keeping your data safe is the number 1 priority, and backing up is a great way to help with this. Have a read of our other blogs available to see what steps exactly you can take to do this, even if you think you already know you might find something useful there! We recommend following these data backup tips and incorporating them into everyday life to avoid the anxiety of ever losing data. While data can range from anything such as a funny picture to important passwords, no one should have to experience the stress of data loss.

We also recommend staying up to date with how your data is stored. Data breaches and attacks are an unfortunate but not rare situation. With cyber attacks on the rise, it’s not safe to say who can definitely protect your data – other than yourself. Staying up to date and vigilant on how your data is stored, and ensuring you are taking care of it on your end is one way to avoid getting caught up in such an unfortunate situation. Even in the case it does happen, you know that you are protected from your side.

Finally, having the right tools. Backing up and staying vigilant are important factors in cyber security. Going the extra step and protecting your data in an encrypted flash drive or portable hard drive can act as an essentially unbreakable safe. Buying a memory stick is often included when buying for back to school, but they are typically cheap, and non-secure. When protecting information such as credit card information, school projects, and cherished images, it makes sense to take extra care.

Upgrading your flash drives and portable hard drives is the perfect antidote to the stress of dealing with back-to-school life, as you will no longer need to worry about losing these important items. When using a secure, encrypted drive, your data will be essentially untouchable. This means all important, private information such as phone numbers, bank details, and passwords will be safe. Even if you misplace the drive or lose it by having a rushed day into the office from the school run – your data will still be completely protected. Having everything safe in one place in a sturdy and reliable drive could make a world of difference.

This could also extend to other things in your life, important documents for your finances, home, work. This time allows room for a second spring clean, where you can sort out yourself as well as your children to prepare for the stressful yet exciting year ahead.

Speak to one of our company representatives now to see what would be best for you, with some of our products starting at only £49. With devices as sleek and helpful as these, you won’t know how you did the school year without them.
We recommend our datAshur personal2, datAshur BT, or our diskAshur M2.
Our datAshur Personal2 works best for a step up on a regular USB, it’s a great starting point for taking your data protection more seriously.
Our datAshur BT is great for keeping things simple with biometric unlock on your phone instead of a keypad and it’s just as safe and secure.
Finally, our diskAshur M2 is our smallest, lightest, and fastest drive. It’s part of our SSD family and is the perfect fit for your more tech savvy, gadget loving parent.

Even in the unfortunate case of losing your drive (it happens) everything on it will be protected so no one will be able to get on to the drive without the PIN. Backing up your data and storing it with an iStorage flash drive or portable hard drive is an unstoppable combination in data protection and your peace of mind.
Make a good flash drive part of your pencil case this school year, your future self will thank you.